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  • Sommeregger, typewriters. A forward-connected first bioreactor I with high solids contents, for example, organic wastes, which need not be further processed, to be operated and is preferably suitable for fungi. The rate of fermentation and thus the constant heat development in the bioreactor is ensured by the targeted supply the microorganisms with oxygen. The proposed bioreactor allows the continuous use of the liberated in the respiration of organic materials by micro-organisms heat. By opening the cover 10 and, for example, by a mechanical process of the lid 10 in the direction of arrow 14 12 organic substrates can be fed at a high solids content in the reaction vessel.

    In addition to or instead of the lid 10 also includes a shredding means may be provided for comminuting organic waste, which via a tube or the like. Through the nozzles 18, which are preferably regularly distributed over the entire container 12 can be supplied to the container 12 oxygen. For this purpose, the nozzle arrangement 16 is preferably connected to a compressor. Each individual nozzle 18 can have a plurality of air outlet openings which are distributed over the height of the container Through the nozzle assembly and a venting by mixing the substrates in the container 12 takes place.

    Within the container 12 more, preferably horizontally disposed screens 22 are provided, wherein, preferably, the mesh size of the sieves 22 decreases in the conveying direction. In the illustrated embodiment, the promotion of the substrates takes place in the first bioreactor I in the vertical direction from top to bottom due to gravity. Die Maschenweite der Siebe 22 nimmt somit von oben nach unten ab.

    The mesh size of the screens 22 thus decreases from top to bottom. The nozzles 18 of the nozzle assembly 16 preferably extend in the vertical direction and pass through the sieves In particular, takes place through the nozzle assembly, a supply of 12 with water saturated compressed air into the reaction vessel with the aid of the amount of oxygen introduced, the reaction rate in the container 12 oxidation processes taking place and thus the liberated during the fermentation amount of heat to be controlled.

    Zersetzte, dh oxidierte, Substrate sedimentieren und fallen durch die Siebe 22 nach unten. Decomposed, ie oxidized, sediment substrates and fall through the sieves 22 downward. Through the screens 22 it is ensured that in a lower portion 24 of the container 12, only a substrate defined by the mesh width of the lower wire 22 size occurs. For heat removal of the reaction container 12 is double-walled, so that a suitable heat transport medium in an intermediate space 26, such as water, may be provided.

    For circulating the heat transfer medium of the double-walled container 12 is connected to a pipe 28 in which a pump By means of a disposed in the pipe line 28 heat exchanger 34 is removed from the heat transport medium heat.

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    This heat can be used to heat water or to generate electricity. Instead of a arranged outside of the reaction tank 12 heat exchanger 34 also provided within the reaction vessel 12 heat exchanger can be provided. The coming into the area 24 of the container 12 substrates are transported on a conveyor 36, such as a screw auger, to a second bioreactor II via a pipeline 38th. The heat of the evacuated gases can be used to preheat the fuel supplied through the nozzle assembly 16 air.

    In particular, the discharged from the reaction vessel 12 of the first bioreactor I gases are at least partially used in the second bioreactor II see below. The conveyed by the conveyor 36 in the direction of the second bioreactor II substrate passes together with the added water in a reaction vessel In the reaction vessel 42, the substrate is held by a in the direction of arrows 44 flowing substrate current in solution.

    For this purpose is withdrawn in an upper region of the container 42 substrate and supplied via a pipeline 46 by a pump 48 in a lower portion of the container 42 this again. Hierbei handelt es sich um ein Kreislaufsystem. This is a circulatory system. Within the pipeline 46, a further heat exchanger 48 for the direct removal of heat from the substrate is provided.

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    Following the heat exchanger 48 in the tube 46, a ventilation and power regulating device 50 is provided. The ventilation and regulating means 50 is used for supply of oxygen to the substrate and for regulating the pH-value. Via a supply line 52 which is preferably connected to the conduit 40 of the bioreactor I, exhaust gases from the bioreactor I can be directly supplied to the data processed in the bioreactor II substrate. Via a second pipe 54, the supplied gases can be derived. The heating of water present in the reaction container 42 is again substrate by microbial oxidation processes.

    The container 42 is preferably also made double-walled, so that a heat transfer medium, such as water, conveyed through a cavity 60 and can take up within the container 42 generated heat. The transport of the medium takes place through conduits 62 and a pump In this case, the medium is passed through a heat exchanger 66 for removing heat. Diese "Slurry" wird in einem erneut aeroben Verfahren weiter oxidiert. This "slurry" is further oxidized in an aerobic process again. Die Temperatur im Bioreaktor soll konstant gehalten werden. The temperature in the bioreactor should be kept constant. This is achieved by varying the oxygen incorporation in the aeration tank Since the heat generation in the first place is conditioned as a terminal electron through the use of O 2, the temperature should be regulated by a limitation or increasing the available oxygen here.

    The selected operating temperature in the bioreactors I and II is dependent on the temperature tolerance of the microorganisms used in both cases. In the lower part of the container 42 of the second bioreactor II a conveyor turn 68 is provided, which is also can be a helical screw. By the conveyor 68 substrate is conveyed through a conduit 70 in the direction of the third bioreactor III. Preferably, the nozzle ends at different heights in the reaction vessel In addition occurs a mixing of the substrate in the reaction vessel 72, taken in the in the upper region of the reaction vessel 72 substrate via a piping 76, pumped with a pump 78 and nozzle 80, preferably in the the lower region of the reaction vessel 72, this is fed back.

    The reaction vessel 72 is preferably also made double-walled, so that 82 the heat transport medium is provided in a cavity, which is conveyed via a pump 84 and pipes 86 through a heat exchanger 88 for removing heat. In the lower region of the reaction vessel 72 is a further conveyor device 90, such as a helical screw, is provided.