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Travelling around the world with couples, documenting their story, is something I will never take for granted. Whether yours is a one day wedding in the Scottish Highlands or a 4 day desert adventure in Marrakech, I approach each day differently and eager to create something that will immerse you both in the experiences and moments of your celebration.

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I give each couple the opportunity to create their own bespoke film with the options below. I try to keep the options as minimal as possible while also offering individual choice as no wedding is the same.

I would love to hear more about your adventure and work alongside you to bring to life the story that has already begun……….. If you would like any further information or would like to enquire about availability please use the contact form provided or alternatively email me directly using the email address provided below.

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In the meantime why not check where I am and what I am doing this week by clicking on any of the social media links below. I love to film love I love to document peoples stories because everyones is different and unique, Your wedding is a story waiting to be told, so let's tell it together. Oct 20, Sep 15, Sep 2, Let's tell a story. The night before our wedding it became clear the weather was not going to cooperate with our carefully planned itinerary.

Dan is definitely the videographer you want in Iceland as he was easily and calmly able to help us form a contingency plan with sites he knew. He kept us both relaxed and comfortable; we even forgot we were being filmed at times. Our family has been blown away so far at the cinematic experience that is so much more than your typical wedding video. I can never thank him enough for so beautifully capturing our story. How did you put this together in 2 weeks?! Daniel is a true artist with a unique vision and a warm, wonderful personality.

Daniel quickly became a part of our family during his time with us and we will forever cherish those memories! There is nothing better than feeling completely comfortable with your vendors on the day of your wedding— not only does it add a special component to the day, it helps to make the video feel even more personal! We hope more New Yorkers include Daniel on their wedding day so we can give him a thank you hug in person! You have done it again!! We are absolutely in love with it!!! You have done such a stunning job of capturing all the emotion, laughter and general atmosphere of our day.

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It transported us back and made us both very tearful again! Well done. You have an awesome job, you get to share some momentous moments with people and then give them the opportunity to relive those moments again and again. Such talent and humility. ALL key moments were captured from the perfect angle and the result is simply phenomenal.

Thank you so much for this. All the best! Aug 31, Aug 18, At times, she rocked back and forth in the witness chair. During cross examination, Spell stood in front of the witness stand, bending down and craning his neck in an effort to make eye contact with the witness.

‘Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player’: How Elton John Fired A Classic

Spell delved into discrepancies between Copeland's statements made to investigators immediately after the shooting and comments made later as to whether a Taser was used during the three-person melee. Copeland admitted that she had consumed "half a bottle of tequila" before the argument, which began after she got mad at Couch for going out to play pool with a friend the night of the crime.

70. Day6 - Shoot me

After trying to call and text him several times that night, Copeland said she became angry, gathered some of her deceased mother's clothes and set them ablaze on the front lawn. She then texted a photo to Couch, saying it was his clothes on fire.

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Spell also questioned Copeland as to why she didn't turn over Couch's cell phone, which he suggested was important evidence, to investigators as soon as it was found. A detective found the phone in her car days after the crime. Copeland said she was "in a fog" for a significant period after the shooting. The defense continued calling witnesses Tuesday morning, with testimony from St.

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The jury was shown gruesome photographs taken by Melara of Couch's body in a hospital trauma room after he was pronounced dead. Photographs of Stockstill and Copeland taken after the shooting were also shown by the prosecution in an apparent effort to show that they were not seriously injured in the struggle with Couch. Tuesday's court proceedings began with an order from Garcia that bailiffs collect the cell phones of all members of the trial's audience. The judge said it came to his attention that audience members were recording testimony with their phones, which is a violation of court rules.

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