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Thank you and again thank you for the 5 wonderful years with this awesome girl you deposited with us for safekeeping. Thank you for the moments of happiness and for the moments of pain, laughter and crying, the chaos and the orderliness.

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I truly have no complaints or questions. I understand that I know nothing and what complaint can I have against the one whose ways are all just and true? I fervently prayed that all our resolutions to improve and begging G-d would help us at this fateful time.

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Sure, as Jews we have our own High Holy Days; we do all sorts of spiritual work around it. But the world itself, at that time of year, doesn't offer us the same evidence of passage of time that this new year does. It is the dark time of the year, but now, 10 days after the Solstice, we can finally begin to sense the return of the sun, the growing of the light.

Dance of the Little Swans. Vaganova Academy auditions young dancers

It is a New Year that is about this Creation we live in, and I think we all feel it. On this day and the evening leading to it, we all sense something passing away and we all sense something new approaching.

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Isn't that why this new month is called January, after the Roman god Janus, the one with two faces, one looking forward and one looking back? Similarly we, completing a year, completing a decade, look back at our lives, our accomplishments, our failings, and we can't help but make resolutions to brace ourselves for the year to come.

We might make lists of not easily achievable goals: losing weight, learning Spanish, handling money better, going to shul more.

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These kinds of resolutions are what Mary Poppins calls "pie crust promises" - easily made, easily broken. Even if we resist articulating the unachievable, we still think of our lives as being marked by and measured by calendar years, and we wonder: will this be the year that I find love, will this be the year my ship comes in, or chas v'chalilah, will this be a year in which things happen that I don't want to happen.

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This kind of reflection may be officially secular but it certainly takes place in a spiritual realm. Yoland - video designer. Send a link to this article to a friend with an optional message. Friend's Email Address: required.

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Predatory power and privilege in WNO's Rigoletto at the Birmingham Hippodrome At a party hosted by a corrupt and dissolute political leader, wealthy patriarchal predators bask in excess, prowling the room on the hunt for female prey who seem all too eager to trade their sexual favours for the promise of power and patronage. Photo credit: Cliva Barda. John Findon as Vassili. Joanna Marie Skillett as Iolanta.


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