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A Guide to Pairing Canadian Cheese with Beer

Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. Here are seven beer and cheese matches made in heaven. Pilsner and brie Pilsners are an easy beer for craft and non-craft beer drinkers alike. Quicke's Farmhouse. Dec 26, 34 Medford. Dec 28, 64 2 Buffalo.

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Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Before you dive in, you should know cheese flavors vary within a style as much as beer. Find a cheese expert, like those at the American Cheese Society , to navigate you through the wonderfully diverse world of cheese. The following pairings are meant to help you begin your adventure, not to help finish it.

Pepper Jack is a creamy, sweet cheese with peppers, chilies, herbs and other flavors. Frankly, this cheese can pair with beer either really well or really poorly. The spicy bite of alcohol and the bitter hops can potentiate the spiciness in the cheese. I prefer to contrast this cheese. The phenolic character in some examples of the beer seem to provide a bridge to the smoky and spicy flavors of the cheese while the malty sweetness enveloped the vegetal spiciness and began an elegant dance that fuses the two cultures together in a wonderful and surprising way. Feta is one of the cheeses that most often finds its way onto my plate.

It is creamy, tangy and briny.

Kentucky Beer Cheese - Spicy Cheddar & Beer Spread - Super Bowl Recipes

However, the clear winners came with complementing this cheese in the form of lighter and equally interesting beers such as a Belgian-style witbier or a Belgian-style blonde. Both beers are light but full of character and can pair with Feta any day of the week. Goat Cheese comes in many glorious forms.

2. Saison and goat cheese

The creamy, spreadable, fresh versions often have a distinct, tart, sweet and earthy flavor. The best pairings for a creamy goat cheese tend to be those that complement such as German-style pilsners , American-style pale ales , Belgian-style wits, Belgian-style golden strong ales , t ripels and saisons.

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You can also try a maltier German-style doppelbock or the bananas and clove from a German-style hefeweize n with a semi-firm goat cheese. Bleu, Stilton and Gorgonzolas are amazingly complex and diverse, which opens them up to many delicious pairings. Generally speaking, these cheeses tend to be creamy, nutty, mild to sharp, complex, earthy, caramelly, with the distinct character of the Penicillium Roqueforti mold.

With so many bridges that complement flavors in our beer, you could almost cover your eyes and point aimlessly to the beer cooler and pull out an acceptable winner. The trick to pairing these types of cheeses is finding an equal impact. Imperial IPAs , barley wines , tripels and quads , even Baltic-style porters and imperial stouts can be amazing.

Beer and Cheese | BeerAdvocate

This cheese practically begs for rich and complex malt and spicy or earthy hops to complement it. Try pairing with beers like German style doppelbocks, English bitters , American-style amber ales and Scottish ales. Parmesan cheese is gloriously sharp, fruity, nutty and savory with a gritty to somewhat creamy texture. However, one of the defining flavors is the saltiness. When you break free from the obvious pairing of pasta marinara with chunks of good parmesan and a doppelbock, the world opens up.