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The street is narrow with cars parked on it and it would also be nice for my visitors to park outside my home. Have spoken with neighbours and nobody seems to know who it belongs to either. Moss growing on the road There is a lot of moss growing on this and surrounding roads. We loose tracktion in our cars and bicycles. I have fallen off my bike while turning into my driveway. Sign knocked off At the Woodbury and withells road roundabout, the sign showing Woodbury street pointing to the left , has been bent and knocked backwards and is not visible until people start turning at the roundabout.

Graffiti on the wall at 4a Vandals have tagged the wall at 4 Landsdowne Terrace.

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Street light is not working The street lamp just outside 98 Milns road and at the start of the pedestrian access to John Olliver reserve is not working for quite sometime now. If ti can be fixed, that would be much appreciated thanks. Abandoned vehicle with expired registration Honda Accord registration PF parked for months in front of my house. Neighbours no nothing about who it may belong to.

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Offensive tagging on road sign See photo This tagging has been there for at least two weeks. Dog signs, New Brighton beach In the summer months, dogs are restricted on a small section of the beach either side of the pier.

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Some of the very poor signs advising this say that the restriction applies from 1st December to 1st March. Others state that it applies during the months of daylight saving - so this year would be from September 27th. I think the latter is more likely correct. Could it please be made clear which of these applies, and the faulty signs amended accordingly. Some enforcement of the regulations would also be good to see.

Extensive dog fouling on footpath by Ferry Rd. Abandoned vehicle left on the street White car that's had a frontal collision parked at the Matipo St and George St intersection. License Plate: PU Car registration appears to be over too. Rubbish dumped at cattlestop, John Britten Park.

This was previously reported to Christchurch City Council via FixMyStreet on 7th May , but has remained there blocking the cycle lane for the last six weeks. Maybe one of the Temporary Traffic Management Coordinators from CTOC could post an update to explain why they have taken no effective action regarding this cycle lane blockage, or alternatively why they consider this site to be acceptable? Looks like the sign could have been placed clear of the cycle lane either at the end of the bus bay or on the grassed area on the other side of the footpath which would still be easily visible to approaching drivers.

If a vehicle is parked on loading zone the pothole is directly in cyclists path. Also difficult to spot if you are concentrating on approaching the traffic lights ahead and watching the traffic splitting into two lanes. Illegally parked over a fire hydrant. Should there be a fire emergency in the neighborhood there is a major problem! Heavy vehicle parked overnight and causing safety issue. The heavy vehicle as seen in photos park at this residential street address on Thursday 14 May and as at Friday 15 May 08h30 it has not being moved.

It is obstructing the view of the street as we enter it from our driveway and causing a safety issue as we cannot see oncoming traffic, we had two near misses. I have had an issue with the construction contractors working at 1 Richard Seddon Drive, Christchurch earlier this year, which I did not report as I thought the issue was resolved , when that kept block my driveway with another construction truck. Truck plate number: MW Illegally parked car blocking driveway WW illegally parked. I would note: - the car has no current rego or WoF - The car is parked the worng way on the street - The car is parked partially on the footpath - The car is blocking the driveway.

The car is in rough shape on the right side and has obviously been in an accident. Also the right rear tyre is flat. One window is half way down and the car has a number of parking tickets inside. Please remove this vehicle. Street lights out The street lights down Neill street have been out for the past two morning when I drive down there just after 3am, it's pitch black. Street light flickering on and off The street light outside our house is flickering on and off Outside 90 Heberden Ave.

Every day the same car is parked in the cycle lane. On Barrington St at the intersection with Cobham St. Same car every day parked in the clearly marked cycle lane. Photo says it all. Road sign in cycle path Road sign in the cycle path on the South West bound side of Wainoni Road near the junction with Breezes road.

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Could easily go on the pavement, which is very wide at that point. Pedestrian Crossing Signal The button for the pedestrian crossing on the south west corner doesn't activate the crossing signal. Can this please be cleaned up? It is quite slippery in the wet. The wooden walkway construction is A of shoddy construction B is becoming more and more broken over time, with bits of wood littering the area. The grass has died, the weeds are overgrowing, and the whole area is littered in ciggerette butts and other rubbish. Pothole developing at intersection Pothole s in road at intersection as you turn left out of Waimea Tce onto Birdwood Ave.

Intersection of locksley ave full of potholes along with the rest of the road Intersection of locksley ave full of potholes and the rest of the road is not much better and needs gradding again. Thanks Eastside potholes hunter and group. Road fill of large potholes Hi the road here is full of large potholes that need some hotmix in them. The keep filling with water and become very scared out all the time. Large pothole in road Hi the rest of the road has been graded which is great but there is still a large pothole in the road just a bit back from the intersection and it is quite deep.

Corner on Halberg street is dangerous and full of potholes Hi the corner on Halberg street is dangerous and full of potholes. Can some hot mix please be put in the so 2 cars don't meet on the bend dodging the holes. Fire hydrantl leaking and water running down gutter Hi not sure of the address as all the homes down here are cleared but a fire hydrant is leaking badly on locksley ave and the water running down the gutter. It is if you where driving east towards the bridge.

Thanks Sam. Signs blocking cycle lane - safety hazard 2 roadworks signs on Strickland Street just south of Milton Street are blocking the cycle lane forcing cyclists into the flow of traffic - a safety hazard at such a busy intersection. Safety Hazard - 3 signs blocking cycle lane 3 road signs are currently blocking the cycle lanes on Strickland Street just south of Milton Street.

This presents a safety hazard as cyclists are forced into the flow of traffic to avoid the signs at a busy intersection on a popular school cycle route. Large pot holes that have been here for months Large pot holes that have been here for months and now cars have to drive on the grass which has become mud to get around them. Large rut in road for weeks where work men working Hi there is a Large rut in road at the round about and men have been working here on the new round about but have not fixed it.

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Can it please have some seal or shingle in it as it is very deep and hard on cars. Can this please be fixed, as it is quite dangerous for cyclists to hit a ridge that high when speeding along?

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Large number of pot holes forming Large number of pot holes forming at the intersection of Glenarm Tce and Locksley ave in dallington making driving unsafe. It would actually be possible to make allowance for cyclists within the coned-off lane without compromising safety. If this is not possible, I would appreciate being told why I am qualified as an STMS, so will understand what you are talking about.

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Thank you, Ben. Broken seat on seesaw. Unfinished work in bike lane both side of road in Gasson St There are two bits of work, one on each side of the road in the bike lanes that have not been completed. They are square holes 20 - 30 mm below the bike lane surface with sharp egdes. The contractor appears to have run out of seal and left them unfinished. They are a hazard as bikes have to swerve out of the bike lane into the traffic to miss the holes. Please arrange for these holes to be properly completed.

Abandoned car: No rego, no warrant, no plates. Car left outside Ashgrove Tce, Christchurch. Rego and WOF expired two years ago. No plates. Rapidly growing subsurface slump in cycle lane There is a growing hole in Fendalton Rd between the railway crossing and Jacksons Rd, in the westbound cycle lane.

There is sufficient undermining that it will soon be affected by heavy vehicles in the traffic lane, if not already. It has become a cycle safety risk due to swerving into the traffic lane, and may become a fall risk too.

There is a similar patched slump a few metres to the east that may indicate an area of basecourse undermining issues. A few weeks ago a slight sag appeared.

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A week or so ago the seal broke through. In the last week it has become several times larger. Someone at Council would probably quite like to catch this rapidly deteriorating situation before it gets too much worse. Unregistered car has been parked here for 4 months. The registration has expired and it's time for it to move on please. The metal straps are still on the pole, but the sign is no longer.